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Bridge'Up is supported by the Tunisian Ministry of Communication Technologies, funded by the European Union in Tunisia in collaboration with The Dot and Spark.

Bridge'up is an initiative supported by the European Commission. The aim of this collaboration is to fortify innovation by fostering cluster cooperation and supporting start-up ecosystems in the South Neighbourhood countries.

Bridge’Up operates with a clear objective: to comprehend the intricate dynamics of entrepreneurship and innovation in Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. By partnering with a designated structure in each country, Bridge’Up seeks to capitalize on existing mechanisms and propel collaborative efforts to new heights.

Through this partnership, The Dot is actively contributing to the objectives of Bridge’Up, driving innovation, and nurturing the growth of start-up ecosystems in the region.

Together, we are poised to make significant strides in advancing entrepreneurial endeavors and fostering a thriving culture of innovation in the South Neighbourhood countries.

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