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Productivity growth and reduction of production time and costs are priorities for the industry. That's why Industry X.0 developed the best solutions to support the industry in their activities by generating reliable data in real time thanks to AI. They deliver mobile and web-based digital solutions adaptable to your needs, ensuring continuous improvement of the production process and boosting the performance of your team as well as your company

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The Dot

Believing that tech products and services can improve women’s health, The Dot designed a dedicated program for early-stage FemTech entrepreneurs. Created with the support of 50 FemTech experts, this six-months program will give you access to exclusive tools and resources as well as all resources from the campus. Apply to bring your FemTech company to the next level! We are proud to house a diverse range of Partner Programs. These programs are run by a number of the world’s leading brands and have been selected for their expertise in a certain field - whether it be cybersecurity, gaming, fintech, luxury and more…